Montag, 18. September 2017

Mutant Punk Sculpy Sculpy

Another gift for a very good friend of mine. For this I tried out Super Sculpey Living Doll, wich is a rosy skin coloured polymer clay. When sculpting body parts, you can use the colour of the clay as the basecoat for your miniature and paint it by only using some washes. I should make more of this stuff for it was extremly pleasurable to paint. And I will do so because my friend requested now more body parts so we can assemble a whole person...mutant...thingy. Well, Christmas is not that far away anymore...

I could have made the head more symetric if I wanted to. But I didn't. It is perfect as it is and was never intented to look any other way. 

Urban War!

Another trip back in time. A couple of years ago me and The Great White painted an Urban War Starter to check out the game. It's a little dated but still a nice old school sci-fi skirmisher. I chooses Syntha because I like the sexually overloaded cyborgs. Unfortunatly I never painted more than the starter kit. It was fun but I just.. painted something else afterwards.

I guess it was also the first time I used Micro Art Studio bases.

Cool figures, really. But there are just sooo many cool figures...

Welcome to Spinespur

A long time ago there was a very interessting independent miniature game called Spinespur made by Comfy Chair Games. The one book published provided you an awesome grim and dark background story for a unique game. Unfortunatly there was never more released, not even all the miniatures from the first book. It lacked the attention it deserved. 
I painted these miniatures some years ago (porbably 2010 or so) and I still like them. So I made some new fotos so I can mention them again. Maybe some day it will be resurrected. And sometimes I just like to plan how I would make new forces for Spinespur, for it has such a cool background.

These are my minis of the Slaughterhouse agenda. Evil butchers
and carnivorous pigs, love 'em for they are so Death Metal!
In the middle you see Senator Pigskin.

The pigs, called Gormandizer have just one miniature and back when I
painted them I was pretty proud that I converted them to look different.
A group shot of various characters. I late realized that this is
a bad picture so I made singles as well.

This is the Handyman. Isolated from civilization he became more
a feral animal than a man. He collects hands, it is his thing.

A regular Molly Thug.

Another Molly Thug. Gave him a MaxMini gasmask. Gasmasks and suits
are cool as you know from that awesome Grenadir scavenger I never painted.

Mr. Jingles, the Senator of the streets. Every horror game needs
a creepy killer clown. And this guy creepy as shit.

I miss you, Spinespur. I know that Comfy Chair planned to make the next miniatures as 3D sculpts, which would be a shame. The pulp style of the old stuff is much cooler. More books with more background would be much apprechiated by yours truly.

El Ché

Horray, the 100th post!

This time at "show and talk about it" I present you a bust I painted as gift for very good friend one year ago. It is this Ché Guevara bust. I allways wanted that my first painted bust will be one I sculpted myself but things went different. You put a different effort in busts than in minis, but it was an interessting experience.

For this bust I purchased a new bottle of green paint.

I also tried to blend colours more than usually.

Pineapple Style

For my pineapple themed birthday I made me my very own special pineapple earring accessory. Using Super Sculpey I created this little trinked. I rushed a little with this work so it looks quite clumsy sculpted (I guess I could do better...) and it still took quite some time. But I tell you it was totally worth it and this fragile thing even survived the party.

The pineapple with its armature.

By attaching a regular earring to the chain, I made myself
a pineapple earring! Charming!

Miniature Miniatures

Yo Ho,

A while ago I got some single Demonworld Miniatures. For I like the way they are sculpted (by Werner Klocke, but you all probably know that) I was eager to paint them. But they spend a couple of years in my box of minis before they were launched to life. These are to two I started with, I don't know when I'll finish the other ones. Maybe later, maybe never.
Still, 15mm minis have something tempting. They are like "normal" miniatures, but smaller. Perhaps I should but a coin next to them to show you how small they are, but allways when somebody does that I think "what a poser". And you guys know the minis anyway and also their size. I will make one of those stupid scale pictures when I finished some more, probably.

This is Oldhammer Evilsun McSlaine.

Chi'Ra, the Scarlet Assassin.

If you look closesly you'll see how the GW Purity Seal fucked up the surface of the minis, again. Don't know why I still sometimes use spraycans. Probably to convince myself that now that it is painted, I do not care so much about the mini anymore. Or bacause I was too lazy to clean the airbrush afterwards...

Sonntag, 17. September 2017

Nurgles little boys

Yay, it is Nurgle Time. I totally want more Plague Marines and painting them is so fast, that it is no big deal to paint a couple of them inbetween some other projects. I would have made more paintjobs but so far these are the only Marines released. More later then. So far there is only Mortarion and this guy is way to expensive. It is allmost obscene. And I want Ramshackle Rhinos! And Drones, lots of Drones!

No subtitles

Only views

Back view. The Plasma rifle is switched "Off".

They are snapfit models so they are not so good. The poses are quite akward.

Finished Clothes Line

Yay hey,

I finished the last bits of brushwork to assemble all the fighters of my cave-themed Rumbleslam team. For the last two members, I needed to add some putty. Here we go.

I wanted to my special Granite look a little more rough and...
stoney. So I covered him in Milliput and gravel.
I was so happy when Granite was released because my Cavepeople have a Cave-Man now.
Cave-Man, a powerhouse, the living cave!
This is the High Priestess. She is the mother of the faithfull clan of cavepeople.
Here they are, the fighting Cave dwellers of  Primal Rage!
It is time now to build a ring. Maybe more. Nothing special just a tiny little ring for us to play with. I have allready started, I guess.

Donnerstag, 7. September 2017

Nature Strikes Back!

This time more Rumbleslam!
Finished the Timber Fists starter. They are allies of the Primal Rage but do not really belong to them. Still the good guys, yay! Here they come!

This is the mighty Mr. Branches!
This is a rare picture of him in the dressing room,
getting ready for the big fight.

A fearsome sight, Mr.Branches in his battledress. His leaves mean "Attack"!

Ready to confront the sinister intruder of the forest, the Timber Fists standing ground.

Truly connected with the spirit of the forest, the Amazon Grappler.
I canged her dress slightly.

Pixie wrath, sparkling tag team. Sparkle sparkle.

Putting some green of the Treeman was not so much fun but I'm pretty happy with the result so far. The Pixies were fun to paint because I used much brighter colours than usual. But they are really small. And they look like they will break soon. Allmost all my Rumbleslam minis are painted, only two to go and they are soon to be finished. I'm looking forward to build a ring soon. Maybe not too soon...

Dienstag, 5. September 2017

Rumble in the Primitive Age

Still finishing more Rumbleslamers. This is my new Brawler, Johannes the Unbelievable. So much with the lizards, but still more fighters to go.

If you know this figure, take a look at the back. I slightly corrected its
anatomy so it looks a little more convincing....
And wouldn't he be awesome for Blood Bowl? The rough
version, without armour. Maybe after he retires fantasy wrestling,
he considers a new carrear.
See ya!

Montag, 7. August 2017

Barbarian King's Hut

What was that? You want to see more pics of Caveman-Man's hut? No problem with that, here you go.

The model is a pretty old kit made by Scotia Grendel. The one on the right is
painted by Mr.White like 15 years ago and a pretty good example for the
dominant painting style these days. Mine is contemporary, with that arebrush shit
and stuff.

I tried to get some variations in the stones. Should have tried harder.

Back view. Very cool model of a house. Makes fun to paint. But not the assembly.
Takes some time and a lot of Milliput. But totally worth it.

Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017


Let's get ready to SLAAAAAM!

What should I tell you? It's wrestling. It's fantasy. It's fantasy wrestling! We tried it out and approved it. Rumbleslam is a very unique and funny game. It really catches the feeling of wrestling. At first, I tried to resist to participate, but after my first game I was totally slammed! So fasten your seatbelts and meet the famous team


The Cavepeople enter the arena. It the infamous Caveman-Man and
and his children Big Andy the Caveman and Caverna.

The crowd goes nuts in exitement as they got a insulting butt-view from
these fighting savages.
Big Andy the Caveman: "It is enormous!"

"If you keep littering on my lawn I'll punch your face - bad!"

But there is more stuff to come. Cavepeople fight along with their allies,
the (more civilized) Lizard Tribe!
Do not come across these prehistorical rumbleslammers or you'll
gonna be extinct!

Whenever Grrrarl, the Saurian Grappler gets a hold on you, it's over, man.
Luzzzinda, the queen of the jungle. The sound of her roar as fearsome
as her crushing claws.

Mr. Lizard and his little friend are small but mean. Try to grapple
them, if you might, before they skitter away.

Stay tuned, there is more stuff to come.

Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017

Banana Scavenger

To improve my precious modelleur skillz, I participated in the Masseverschieber Sculpting Workshop. With the help of the two nice and talented teachers I made me my very own Wasteland Scavenger. Thank you guys!

That's how far I came after two days of sculpting fun.
At home I finished the sculpt and painted it.

Chose your banana.