Montag, 7. August 2017

Barbarian King's Hut

What was that? You want to see more pics of Caveman-Man's hut? No problem with that, here you go.

The model is a pretty old kit made by Scotia Grendel. The one on the right is
painted by Mr.White like 15 years ago and a pretty good example for the
dominant painting style these days. Mine is contemporary, with that arebrush shit
and stuff.

I tried to get some variations in the stones. Should have tried harder.

Back view. Very cool model of a house. Makes fun to paint. But not the assembly.
Takes some time and a lot of Milliput. But totally worth it.

Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017


Let's get ready to SLAAAAAM!

What should I tell you? It's wrestling. It's fantasy. It's fantasy wrestling! We tried it out and approved it. Rumbleslam is a very unique and funny game. It really catches the feeling of wrestling. At first, I tried to resist to participate, but after my first game I was totally slammed! So fasten your seatbelts and meet the famous team


The Cavepeople enter the arena. It the infamous Caveman-Man and
and his children Big Andy the Caveman and Caverna.

The crowd goes nuts in exitement as they got a insulting butt-view from
these fighting savages.
Big Andy the Caveman: "It is enormous!"

"If you keep littering on my lawn I'll punch your face - bad!"

But there is more stuff to come. Cavepeople fight along with their allies,
the (more civilized) Lizard Tribe!
Do not come across these prehistorical rumbleslammers or you'll
gonna be extinct!

Whenever Grrrarl, the Saurian Grappler gets a hold on you, it's over, man.
Luzzzinda, the queen of the jungle. The sound of her roar as fearsome
as her crushing claws.

Stay tuned, there is more stuff to come.

Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017

Banana Scavenger

To improve my precious modelleur skillz, I participated in the Masseverschieber Sculpting Workshop. With the help of the two nice and talented teachers I made me my very own Wasteland Scavenger. Thank you guys!

That's how far I came after two days of sculpting fun.
At home I finished the sculpt and painted it.

Chose your banana.

Montag, 3. Juli 2017

Alternative Nurgle

For my prechious Nurgle collection I also tried out to paint some alternative Nurgle Miniatures. There is not much you can do wrong with plague demons so there are many of them made by other companies than GW and a lot of them are disgustfull beautiful. Some of them were jut lying around in reach and I painted them with Kings of War in my mind.

Did some experimenting with the bases so they do not fit...
with anything. But fuck you, it's Chaos!
The amazing snail from Kromlech. Can be Epidemus. Already was.

A disgusting Beast of Nurgle, also Kromlech Miniatures.

Titan Forge created these wonderfull plague brutes. They serve as
Beasts of Nurgle, Plague Trolls or Plague Molochs for KoW.

More Nurglings. If you like them with more character rather than
a piled mass, choose the one from Kromlech and MaxMini.

There we have some more Plague Bearers. They are Plaguelings, used
as shooter demons for Kings of War. They originate from Reaper Miniatures,
GW, Heresy Miniatures and MaxMini. Don't ask what they use as projectiles...

It's a back view, because... why not?

So much for my Nurgle stuff. Maybe there will be some more in the future. Maybe not. Probably yes. The Sci Fi part is a little too small for my taste. I need tanks and mechanised Plague Flys and demons with gasmasks and chainsaws, because it's what demons of the future have.

Montag, 19. Juni 2017

Nurgle Plague Toads

Horray, liking toads! For my Nurgle period I couldn't resist to lay my salad fingers on these majestic abominations! 

They are fantastic and a good example that you
can use more Chaos animals than flies for
Nurgle themed miniatures. Try: Fish, crow, horse, dog
monkey, rat. Parrot?

Back view because they have nice backs.

I like Plague Toads so much that I portaied one.
Acrylics on canvas, 13x18 cm.

Nurgle Demon Reinforcements

You know, I just wanted to paint a Start Collecting Box of Nurgle Deamons and then the whole project shall be called finished. But this I-don't-care-I-paint-fast-painting style fills me with glee so I cept going and added some more. Looking foreward to play Kings of War with my new Abyssal Horde of Unspeakable Stenches and Stickyness.

Bloab Rotspawned. It has no vomit spray because I don't like
the permanent shoot effect and it also looked a little lame.
It has no poles on the seat because there are flies on the scythe,
flies on the head, but not on the poles. So no flies, no poles.

This little fella lay in my box of stuff for too long.
Made it a Beast of Nurgle and set it free to play.

I do not want to have spare bits. So what does not come on the
models goes to the trashcan or emerges to a mythical Efreet of
brown delights. Behold the Herald of Infinite Diarhea!

In a grim dark future...

there is no time for peace. Or for doing laundry. Or like... games and stuff.
This saturday was the release of the 8th edition of Warhammer 40K, so I got me some Nurgle blight death putritors of eternal decay and played my first game of 40K since 14 years.

We played "No Mercy", because mercy is the seed of treachery. Because wo do not suffer the alien to live, we deployed in a spearheaded manner. To shoot some skullz. We threw a lot of dices in the end, there were less miniatures on the table than at the beginning. It was a funny game, because even though you have to look up a lot when you are not familiar with how deadly your weapons are and how many re-rolls you have (in fact: very deadly and a lot of re-rolls), but I really enjoyed a game were you do not have to think a lot and where not many actions really matter. Just shoot and look what happens.
So yeah, grap some biscuits and play the new Warhammer 40K! It is beginner friendly now. 

Well you know, this Blog is not so much about words, pictures are, what we want. Colourfull pictures of painted stuff! So here, get some stuff. Get the stuff and look at the pictures and like them, like them all!

I wonder what would have happened if I took the Primaris Marines.
They probably would have looked the same...
But this is just absurd, I could never resist mutants!
The Lord of Contagion. Because size matters!

The Malisomething Plaguecaster. I have to admit, that I don't
like anything on that model. Even with all the axe wielding
champions, the bells, the zombies, this gut is just too fantasy for my
sci-fi army. And he looks kind of stupid and boring.

Noxious Blightbringer. Must have the most horrible tinnitus ever.
Belongs to the category "As stupid as it is awesome". Totally cool
guy, >Ding Dong<
It has been ages since there were GW miniatures that attracted me the way those
plague suckers do. Nurgle stuff allways fascinated me when I looked at the
artworks. But the problem with Nurgle miniatures was, they allways looked like
regular Chaos Space Marines with some additional parts (exept the old metal
Death Guard, they are totally awesome! I mean the contemporary Nurgle minis).
These are Nurgle Marines. Bu-Ya! No conversions necessary.

When you remove some of the Spiked, the Feutid Bloat-Drone looks
pretty nice. As with the Plague Marines, I wish I would have had
the time for some needo freehands. Runes, fish, flies, eyes,
chessboard patterns... so cool. But for speedpainting issues,
I had no choice...

Poxwalkers no.1. Extremely nice hardcore mutants for your
postapocalyptic Tabletop game. I could paint houres on one
model and they deserve it.

Second wave of Poxwalkers. I took the time for some conversions.
I mean, Poxwalkers are mutated Zombies of the regular population.
So how it comes there are no woman with them? That's kinda weak,
even though it is only a nerdy game and not that big deal. But still weak.
Because I like Poxwalker models so much (despite the gruesome background) here some bigger picts of some I like. They are all conversions, because conversions are allways better than originals. Amen. 

A delicate Nurgle Pin-Up

Scary Hag Zelda

Skinny Ursula

Gimp Mother Babette

And... uhm... her.
It was quite a chellenge to paint that many models in that short time, especially they are all so invitiung for special attention. I am quite satisfied that I resited because I knew, if I don't paint them in time, I will never paint them. There are just too many nice minis outside that demad my attention. I will never paint Nurgle Stuff agian. 

Untill Mortarion will be released...

Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2017

For The Greater Good / Greed

Skulpturenzeit. Die Figur habe ich aus Plastilin gemacht, das glaube ich eher zum Formenbau gedacht ist. Es ist sehr weich, weshalb man es gut benutzen kann, um schnellere "Skizzen" zu machen. Aber weil es so anfällig ist, ist es nicht für dauerhafte Sachen geeignet. Ist aber nicht schlimm, ich wollte es ausprobieren, habe Fotos gemacht und jetz' kann es wieder weg. Macht mich auch irgendwie ein bisschen traurig, das Teil. 

Und wütend.

Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

Tasteless Void

Teufel hab ich lang nichts mehr gepostet. Nich' so, dass ich nix mache, ich mach nur einfach keine Bilder davon. Aber genug geredet, hier ist eine Büste von mir.

Who else likes purple?

Mein Bruder war so freundlich, mich auf den Mangel an
Awesomeness meiner Skulptur hinzuweisen und nahm sich
die Freiheit, dies sogleich zu korrigieren.

Eine Kleinigkeit gemacht aus Sculpey, für einen Freund zum Geburtstag. Kennt man ja. Und wenn nicht, das ist die Faceless Void aus dem Spiel DOTA II. Sieht so einfach aus, aber war schwieriger als ich dachte. Ist generell nicht leicht, nach einer Vorlage zu modellieren, weil die Proportionen schon nah am Original sein sollen. Ausserdem ist es nicht so leichte, eine 2D Illustration plastisch zu machen. Na ja, Übungssache, denk ich.Und jetzt weiterzocken...

Freitag, 18. November 2016

Malifaux Weaver Widow


Nun habe ich es geschafft. Heute war Malertreffen und nachdem ich stundenlang vergeblich versucht habe, mich im Modellieren weiterzubilden, habe ich kapituliert und die Farben ausgepackt. Alle anderen haben gemalt und ich wollte auch! Ausserdem wollte ich mit dem guten Gefühl gehen, etwas fertig gemacht zu haben. Also Weaver Widow aus gepackt und *Tadaa* fertig gemacht. Jetz sind alle meine Malifaux Metallfiguren für die Collodi-Crew bunt. Fehlt halt noch das Gruppenfoto...

Lange lange lag sie rum, jetzt kann sie böse Teddy schneidern.